Meet the Team: Izzy Begej

Hey Izzy, welcome to Auroraflow, lets start by getting to know you more. Can you share a bit about yourself, who is Izzy?

Oh goodness that feels like a big question. I've been really grateful recently that the thing I am known for by others is resourcefulness, making helpful but not obvious connections, problem solving, and being a sounding board. I feel joy knowing that what I love to do is also what others appreciate about me.

What are you pronouns?


What groups do you find solidarity in and what communities are you a part of?

Anti-racist communities. Racial and environmental justice is where I most commonly put my energy towards dismantling shitty systems.

What do you do for fun and what does your typical weekend look like?

Listen to audio-books. Go on walks. Power lift. Cook. Maybe the unusual thing I like is being in silence and letting my thoughts wander.

Where do you look for motivation and inspiration?

Coffee motivates me, but only in the morning. I'm easily inspired by talking to folks about what they like or are looking forward to in life.

What brought you to massage therapy and is there anything you want to specialize in?

A quarter life crisis and I thought there was a chance I could be good at it. It was a massive leap of faith. I had one massage in my life at that point and I hated it. But as a practitioner, it combined my knowledge of biomechanics and my kinesthetic/problem-solving nature. Bodies and how the nervous system, fascia, and muscles interact are a puzzle for me. Which is probably why I specialize in sports, acute and chronic injury, and rehabilitation.

As a massage therapist, what do you dream about?

That folks feel able, but by bit, to do the work to feel safe in their own bodies. It's been a rough ... couple decades.

What made you decide to bring your talents to Auroraflow?

It's queer owned and theres an explicitly anti-racist element. I actually wasn’t planning on coming back to massage after rehabilitating my hip until I heard about Auroraflow.

What would you want clients to know about you?

That they should say hi to their pets for me. And please make sure to remind them that they are perfect. Thanks.

What would you like clients to take away from their appointments?

Two things: Rest is a requirement, not a reward. And you  cannot recover at the same intensity that you live or train.

What does a dream day at Auroraflow look like for you?

In all seriousness? I love everything about doing massage and working with folks.

What is a quote you live by?

Make tomorrow easier for someone else. And yourself. Ideally both.

Thanks for chatting with me Izzy, I cant wait for our clients to meet with you.