eli McDougald

Massage Therapist
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eli graduated from Durham Tech Community College and has been practicing since 2021.  They incorporate a passion for herbal medicine and energy work into their practice, offering a combination of Swedish, myofascial, trigger point release, and Reiki techniques. 

eli's approach is slow, deep, consent-focused, and trauma-aware, aiming to provide a calming, relaxing, and caring experience. Their energy is calming, relaxing, caring, and will leave you feeling held. eli is proudly trans*, queer, witchy country boi born and raised in Durham, NC. A child of the ocean and a friend of the plants, they are inspired by the ancient, the eternal, and those things that only last a breath.  

This friendly hermit wields a Sagittarius moon and can usually be found on the road traveling with their guitar and notebook, writing about love, longing, heartbreak, grief, and the various ways of embracing pleasure in the face of it.  In their free time, eli tends to their garden and apothecary project or spends time with their dog. 

They are of Occaneechi, Cherokee, and Lumbee heritage and identify as a Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Moon, 2-4 Self Projected Projector, and Enneagram Type 4. 

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