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Auroraflow offers a variety of massage treatments, facials, and waxing services. While descriptions are available on our website, we know finding the right service provider can be overwhelming. We are here to help.

Contact us to receive a complementary consultation and help get your body and mind back on track.

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At Auroraflow, we pride ourselves on shaking up the “spa model” by providing customized treatments & experiences that reimagine wellness for people of all backgrounds and walks of life.

We are a value-driven company that obsesses about raising the bar.

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Company Updates

Service Scoop : Waxing
February 9, 2023

Is waxing right for you? Get the low down on this service and details on what to expect.

Meet the Team : Patience O'Neill
January 12, 2023

Meet Patience, one of Auroraflow's Massage therapist and prenatal massage therapist.

Meet the Team : Hayley Ware
December 20, 2022

Meet Hayley Ware and learn how she uses 20 years of dance experience to support clients at Auroraflow.