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Service Scoop: Thai Massage
April 7, 2023

A non-traditional massage experience combining Hatha yoga, acupressure, stretching, and deep massage techniques to release tension and promote relaxation across your muscles and energetic pathways. Here is why Thai Massage is unique and beneficial for the body and mind.

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Meet the Team: Izzy Weiser
April 3, 2023

Meet Izzy Weiser, one of Auroraflow's Massage therapists who takes care of deep tissue massages and reflexology!

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Auroraflow offers a variety of massage treatments, facials, and waxing services. While descriptions are available on our website, we know finding the right service provider can be overwhelming. We are here to help.

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At Auroraflow, we pride ourselves on shaking up the “spa model” by providing customized treatments & experiences that reimagine wellness for people of all backgrounds and walks of life.

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Mission & Values
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