Meet the Team: Izzy Weiser

April 3, 2023

Cats or dogs?


Netflix, Hulu, Prime, HBO?

Hulu, I just finished watching “How I Met Your Mother,” so I can start watching “How I Met Your Father.”

Mountains or beach?

You probably have to choose mountains. I don't like sand everywhere. I just pulled out a weekender bag from when I went to the outer banks last year, and there is still sand. 

Favorite National Park?

At Acadia National Park in Maine, you can see the ocean, forest, and mountains at one of the lookouts.

What's your favorite Auroraflow room?

Probably Space is my favorite, but I really like working in Lotus, and Mermaid is pretty cool.

In a “perfect” world where you could just exist and do some work, what would it be?

It would definitely involve massage, but I love animals, and I would love to combine massage and a farm sanctuary. I really want to learn equine massage, which involves working on horses. 

Favorite aromatherapy that we have?


Who are you?

I don't know right now; I’m in a transformative time in my life and learning to let myself be. And do not try to be what my parents, society, and faith told me to be. I acknowledge who I am and who I want to grow into. Kind of going through a rebirth that allows for healing and figuring out what my next book is. I'm closing book one of my life and starting book two.

What pronouns do you use? What groups do you find solidarity in? What communities are you part of?

I use “she/they” pronouns. I was raised as a woman, and the world will always see me as female. And I want to honor the experiences I’ve had as a woman. I like “they” because it allows me to be a person first and not my gender. 

What are some things you're into right now?

Warm, cozy colors, deep greens. Comfortable, fuzzy, soft things.

What do you do for fun? What does your typical weekend look like?

I like to knit, and I like to spend time with my cats. I guard books. I'm not a bookworm; I'm a book dragon. I love to revisit books; I tend to get attached to the characters. My go-to comfort book is Night Circus. I like to get so involved in a book that I forget that I'm reading.

What brought you to massage therapy?

I was an English major who didn't want to teach. I was working as a receptionist in Cary, and they peer pressured me (jokingly) into going to massage school. The whole office was in on it. I went to massage school and fell in love with it. 

What brought you to Auroraflow?

I was working at a really toxic place and had to get out. It was around the same time my husband passed away in 2021, and I had to get out. I was looking for a big change. He was from Durham; it helped raise him, and I had a lot of love for the community. I was able to take a month off from work after his passing and his quitting that old job. I was able to become a human again and saw Auroraflow and was like, “That's it.”.

The inclusivity, the creativeness, and the fact that you get to be a person here as staff as clients were significant to how I ran my business, which closed due to the pandemic. Auroraflow saw what didn't work in the industry and wanted to do the opposite. Which was intriguing and inviting.

Where do you want to go as a massage therapist?

I don't really know. I really like meeting people where they are. And I'm not a “fix it” massage therapist; I just want to make people feel better in their bodies and help them continue doing the things that feed their soul. And feed into them as a person and allow them to live their life in less pain. It's not about fixing anything.

Is there anything you want to specialize in, and why?

I don't really know. The last few years have been so chaotic; this is the first time I've had some stillness. I'm learning what my body can do and what my limits are. I'm open to whatever the universe throws at me and moving forward with it. 

What would you like clients to know about you and take away from their appointments?

That is a really hard question. I guess what I want my clients to walk away with is feeling more like a person, more like themselves, feeling supported, feeling loved, and feeling less stressed so they can go out into the world and into their lives. Feeling better about themselves so they can take care of the people around them and do the things that bring them joy. Our society and the world are so stressful and chaotic; there's so much hate going on right now. I want them to feel bolstered.

Get to work with this amazing member of the Auroraflow team! Izzy holds space for deep tissue and reflexology massages. Book now or learn more about Izzy in their bio.