Meet the Team : John Terribili

November 14, 2022

Meet John Terribili, Auroraflow's Thai Massage Therapist

John, we are so excited to learn a little more about you! What's your story? Where are you from and what are some of your hobbies?

I am originally from New Hampshire, but have bounced around the country a bit. I lived twice in the Seattle area and this is my second time calling NC home.  I have been in Durham since 2015 after moving in with my partner, Ingrid, my two sons, and a very bossy but adorable dog.  I absolutely love gardening and architecting the landscape in my yard.  I used to hike and go to live music a lot more than I do now, but still find time for these things as well.

So you made a big jump moving from a career in IT. What brought you to massage therapy? 

I originally wanted to pursue this back in 2005/6 or so, but my spouse at the time was not completely supportive of that so I parked it for a while and kept the dream alive.  In 2017, I decided I was not interested in doing another 25 years in IT/technology and wanted to pursue my passion for helping and healing people through bodywork.  I attended The Healing Arts and Massage School (THAMS) in Raleigh which focuses primarily on lymphatic massage.  

Why did you decide to specialize in Thai?

I first experienced Thai massage, culture, and people when I visited while I was in the Army in 1997/99 in the Chiang Mai area.  I rediscovered my love of Thai massage while attending THAMS and decided to further pursue learning with Living Sabai (Asheville). Thai massage truly matches with my personality and soul and I absolutely believe in the power it has to bring healing, rest, and so much goodness to people’s lives and bodies. I also love how Thai massage is easy on the therapist's body and allows for more collaboration with the client, which really enhances the experience and benefits.

I can’t tell you how excited we are to have you join our team. But why is Auroraflow where you decided to bring your talents?

In the beginning of 2022 I decided I was finally going to make the scary transition out of my secure job into full-time massage therapy and opening my own practice. At about the same time I informed my employer of this decision, I discovered through Castle’s newsletter she and Lauren were starting Auroraflow at about the same time I planned on going out on my own.  I took this timing as the universe aligning me and Auroraflow to work together. I truly believe in the new spa model Auroraflow is building - inclusive, warm, accepting and accessible, genuine - particularly for all of us who are not comfortable or feel they belong in a typical spa environment or experience.

What are some challenges you faced during your career and how did you overcome them?

Well, I finished my schooling and assignments right in the height of the pandemic and obtained my license in October 2020 - that was a big disappointment to not be able to practice right away!  But I also look at that as the universe telling me to slow down and be patient for what was to shortly come my way - Thai massage!  It has also certainly been challenging to transition out of a 25 year career, into a career and way of working I have never experienced before. It’s a little scary but ultimately very exciting to do what I love and to bring peace and healing into people's lives!

What is a quote you live by?

Well, I typically use some other noun expletives at the end of this statement (there are so many choices!), but basically and a more polite version - “Don’t be a jerk.”