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Deeply relaxing. Improves sleep. Great for those who spend a lot of time on their feet.
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Reflexology is used to ease stress and tension in the feet by applying pressure to specific zones that correlate to different areas of the body. This helps stimulate the nervous system which can increase those feel-good brain chemicals. It also helps boost circulation which helps muscles and soft tissue stay healthy and heal from overuse, injury, and has been reported to help reduce pain after surgery (this study focused specifically on pain reduction after having the appendix removed and patients reported less pain and used fewer painkillers).

Reflexology is also deeply relaxing which helps promote better sleep, always a good thing! When we are well rested and our feet don't hurt we are more likely to be more active. When our feet hurt it affects how we walk which can cause knee and low back discomfort. If you struggle with PTSD, anxiety, body dysmorphia, or are just not comfortable receiving a traditional massage, reflexology is a great option! All you have to remove is socks and shoes and you lay face up for the whole session.

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