The Grizzly (Beard Facial)

Smooth Skin. Softer Beard. Focused on your "unreachable" skin.
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People with beards need facials too! The Beard Focus Facial is a luxurious grooming experience designed to nourish and revitalize your skin and facial hair. This treatment utilizes a high-frequency comb to clear bacteria and stimulate hair growth, promoting a healthy and well-groomed beard. The comb emits a gentle electrical current, which aids in the removal of dead skin cells, encourages hair growth, and prevents breakage, resulting in a stronger and smoother beard. The treatment concludes with a deep conditioning and moisturizing oil concentrate to leave the beard soft, shiny, and refreshed. Just as with all the facials we offer, this treatment will include a skin analysis, double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions if needed, mask, shoulder, and scalp massage with your choice of aromatherapy, and conclude with serum and moisturizer.