Amanda Stehle

Massage Therapist
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My name is Amanda Stehle and I've been a massage therapist for almost 2 years now. I am from San Antonio Texas and just recently moved here to North Carolina.

Back in Texas I worked at a variety of spas that I took valuable experiences from. Knowing that massage is a very vulnerable thing, I do my best to make you feel as safe and comfortable as possible in every session. The most important thingI’ve learned in my time as a massage therapist is the body will heal itself. However it will always go for the most efficient treatment rather than the most effective.

As a massage therapist, I seek to help the muscles and nervous system heal more effectively. This includes gentle techniques that soothes muscles and nervous system. Come see me if you have tight muscle and want a massage you will leave you feeling lighter. People often fall asleep on my table(which is the highest honor and the highlight of my day) so I tend to check in very minimally to give you a chance to rest. If you have any adjustments or questions please feel free to speak up. I also love to chat if that’s more comfortable for you.

(Please be aware that due to personal medical conditions I cannot provide traditional deep tissue techniques. I can still provide firm pressure and I still target deep tissues. If you feel the most comfortable with ‘break my back’ levels of pressure that is perfectly fine and I recommend some of our other incredible massage therapists!)

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