Izzy Weiser

Massage Therapist
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Izzy (LMBT #14265) studied Massage Therapy at WakeTech, where she learned not just about Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Trigger Point techniques but also Aromatherapy, Cupping, and Psycsomatic psychology,well as an introduction to energetic modalities. Izzy received my Reflexology training from Claire Marie Miller. According to Izzy, "Massage is about teamwork: therapist and client working together to reach their shared treatment goals. I want each client to feel good in their body so they can continue to do the things that feed their soul."

In her free time, Izzy loves hanging out with their two cats, reading, refinishing furniture and crafts, spending quality time outside with friends both near and far. These are some of the things that feed into their soul.

"Give me a fire pit surrounded by friends over 'going out' any day!"

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