Lauren McCullough

co-founder & COO
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Lauren is the co-founder and COO of Auroraflow. Lauren is originally from Ohio, where she received her degree in Sociology and a Masters' degree in Public Administration.

While new to the wellness industry, Lauren has always had a passion for building mission-driven businesses and has spent her career helping technology startups launch and scale. Now, she's bringing her passion for startups Auroraflow. Oh, and she also happens to be married to Auroraflow's CEO, Castle Frame.

In addition to building amazing businesses, Lauren has a passion for travel and exploration. Whether it's in the mountains of North Carolina or across the Atlantic, new places are where she feels most at home. Lauren is also the proud parent of four fur babies, two bunnies, and two cowboy corgis that are usually. If you're lucky, you might even see these little guys bopping around Auroraflow on the weekend.

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