Nikkia "Nik" Beech-Moore

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Nikkia, or "Nik" is a Personal Skin Curator and Brow Sculptor looking to magnify the innate essence in her clients. A New York native who has been living in North Carolina since 2008, she graduated from the first all-women's African American college in Greensboro, Bennett College for Women, and has received training from the Health & Style Institute.

Nikkia specializes in healthy and customized skin care and likes to educate her clients on how to love their skin while addressing acne, hyperpigmentation, and the changes that come with the aging process. All while providing a creative and intimate experience during each visit.

As someone dedicated to helping you achieve healthy and glowing skin, Nikkia believes everyone should have access to great skincare products, treatments, and education. She is committed to promoting Skin Equity for all individuals, regardless of their budget or background. "I want my clients to know that my passion for skin care is much deeper than vanity; it is about self-preservation and self-care through caring for the largest organ in their bodies."

She believes that quality skincare is essential for the largest organ in our bodies. She is always seeking out the latest treatments and products to benefit her clients in the long run, rather than providing only instant gratification.

In addition to her love for skincare, she is a cocktail connoisseur, super foodie, and avid traveler. She is also a proud fur mama to Coltrane and Kendall, and she recently tied the knot with her firefighter wife on 4.3.21!

Come see Nikkia and experience the transformative power of quality skincare with our expert esthetician.

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