Hayley Ware

Massage Therapist
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Hayley Ware (#19480) attended the Carolina Massage Institute and Center for Barefoot Massage.

As a part of Hayley's practice and philosophy, she strives to educate her clients in ways that empower them to take control of their experience of their mind-body. Hayley has a passion for treating folks with chronic pain complaints and other complex issues. As a self-proclaimed anatomy nerd, she uses advanced-level ashiatsu barefoot massage skills to help clients regain a sense of bodily ease. If you love deep, broad pressure, she's your gal!

During her free time, Hayley loves to do all things artsy. Her favorite pastime is digging through the fabric bins and spending her paycheck at The Scrap Exchange.

Hayley is fluent in French and can stumble her way through Japanese.

You can learn more about Hayley on our "meet the team" post.

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