John Terribili

Massage Therapist
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John Terribili (#19087) studied at The Healing Arts and Massage School (Raleigh) and Living Sabai (Asheville), where he received extensive training in Thai Massage. John's approach to treatments starts with listening to clients’ needs and, even more importantly, to what their bodies are communicating throughout the massage session. Using mindful presence, authentic intention, and energetic connection, John brings relaxation, rest, and peace to clients with a focus on where their body needs help the most. John transitioned to massage from a 25-year career in IT and couldn’t be happier.

He is an avid gardener and spends way too much time trying to make room and arrange his yard to accommodate more plants. He also loves reading with a lovely cup of delicious green tea and being barefoot, especially when in the garden and hiking. John has been a Durham resident since 2014 and resides with his partner, two sons, and their very bossy yet adorable dog.

You can learn more about John in his "Meet the Team" profile.

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